Alfa Test is the nVent distributor for Eastern Europe for SCHROFF products.
The SCHROFF brand contains a broad product portfolio from printed circuit board (PCB) accessories, such as card retainers and extractors, front panels and handles to subracks, cases, backplanes, power supplies, cabinets and pre-assembled chassis for embedded computing systems. The nVent SCHROFF brand has been a world leader in electronics packaging for over five decades.

Their world leading expertise enables them to deliver customized solutions, to protect sensitive electronics, in a variety of industries: general electronics, infrastructure, communication, medical and laboratory environment, security and defense, industrial.

  • Open 19” frame for laboratory applications
  • The most efficient way to install a subrack or chassis
  • IP 40 ingress protection
  • Bolted frame
  • Flexible aluminum frame design
  • Esthetics combined with high functionality and innovation
  • For the audio-video or broadcasting market as well as for laboratories and instrumentation and control technology

To provide flexibility in defining the desired cabinet, nVent has provided an online configurator that will generate a 3D model of the cabinet as well as a bill of materials.

Varistar Electronic
  • Open cabinets with decorative frame
  • Doors and cladding for either IP20 or IP55 protection

To provide flexibility in defining the desired cabinet, nVent has provided an online configurator that will generate a 3D model of the cabinet as well as a bill of materials.

Varistar MIL
  • Shock and vibration resistant for most demanding situations
  • Tested to MIL-STD-901D
  • RFI shielding to avoid electromagnetic interferences
Varistar Seismic
  • Earthquake-resistant cabinet up to Bellcore Zone 4
  • NEBS compliant plinth
  • Optional RFI-shielding
Varistar Server and Networking
  • Wide range of networking and server cabinets
  • Different versions in many dimensions
  • Individual configurations from a variety of standard products within SCHROFF ServicePlus
Varistar Colocation
  • With the new SCHROFF branded Varistar colocation cabinet series, nVent offers a secure cabinet with multiple compartments that has been specially developed for IT infrastructure and data centers.
  • The Varistar colocation cabinet is available with two, three or four compartments in eight different cabinet dimensions.
  • Two-point door locking provides additional security plus robustness and is equipped with combination locks (numeric code and master key) as standard.
Outdoor Cabinets

Single Wall Outdoor Cabinet

Comline is nVent SCHROFF’s preferred enclosure for passive telecommunication applications. For a single wall design, Comline offer excellent insulation and thermal management and comes in multiple configurations allowing maximum customization to meet customer needs and brand look.

  • Lightweight
  • IP55
  • Single/Dual access
  • Innovative thermal management

Double Wall Outdoor Modular Cabinet    

Specifically design for railway track side application. This AL profile cabinet has easy to maintain removable, double-walled cladding, flexibility in design and dimensions, and innovative thermal management capabilities sets it apart from the competition.

  • Aluminum cabinets whit steel exterior
  • Certified for Railways and Telecom
  • Innovative thermal management
  • IP55, anti-vandalism (RC2), fire proof, shock and vibration tested
  • Earthquake and hurricane resistant

Unibody Outdoor Cabinet

The AL double walled cabinet with inner case with removable outer cladding is the perfect mead-featured outdoor cabinet. It can be either wall or pole mounted with front accessibility only. Cooling thought natural convection, fan or heat exchanger allow customers to choose from a long list of standard thermal management solution.

  • Aluminum cabinets
  • Innovative thermal management
  • IP55

To provide flexibility in defining the desired cabinet, nVent has provided an online configurator that will generate a 3D model of the cabinet as well as a bill of materials.

  • Standard product offering includes 2, 6 and 14 slot counts, AC, DC or combined AC/DC power input and up to 450 W/slot cooling capability
  • 40Gb/s high-speed data transfer on all standard product offerings with a variety of backplane topologies
  • Redundant architecture and powerful system management provide 99,999% system availability
  • Product portfolio is NEBS compliant and UL recognized
  • MicroTCA standard product portfolio includes systems designed to MTCA.0, MTCA.1 and MTCA.4 specifications
  • 40Gb/s high-speed data transfer and multiple backplane topologies available in standard product offering
  • Available in multiple form factors from 19” rackmount to small form factor cubes, pico and desktop cases
  • Full range of hardware and accessories from card guides to filler modules


When it comes to CompactPCI-based systems, nVent has you covered with a broad range of legacy systems, state-of-the-art systems, as well as systems for communication with PSB and H.110.

  • Standard product families includes CompactPCI, CompactPCI Serial, PSB & H.110, PXI and CompactPCI PlusIO systems for 3U and 6U boards
  • Available with up to 32 Gb/s data transfer with the latest technology standards
  • Systems available with embedded or pluggable power supply units
  • Full range of VITA standard products for 3U & 6U boards
  • Available in multiple form factors from 19” rackmount to small form factor and desktop cases
  • Systems for vertical and horizontal alignment of boards with option of embedded or pluggable power supply units
PXI Express
  • PCIe Gen 3, 18-slots full hybrid, 3U PXI Express Chassis 
  • Powerful cooling concept with low fan noise 
  • Ultra-high performance Gen 3 PCIe switching with a default four-link (4×4) system slot 
  • High data bandwidth (max. 16 GB/s system and 4GB/s slot-to-slot)
  • Rear panel external 10 MHz clock inputs/outputs
Subracks and 19″ rack-mount chassis

SCHROFF subracks and 19″ rack-mount chassis offer a flexible platform for military, telecom, transportation and test and measurement applications. Many products offer market-leading RFI shielding, and are offered in kits that can be enhanced with a full range of accessories or can be modified using individual components.

  • Market-leading RFI shielding option on the subrack-level up to 30dB at 2GHz
  • Customization made easy: sizes, colors. cooling and much more
  • Extensive range of accessories compatible with all subracks and cases of the PRO series


  • Modular subrack
  • Tailored versions for test and measurement, industrial, military, mobile or rugged applications
  • Designed to IEC 60297-3/-100.x and IEEE 1101.x
  • IP 20 to IEC 60529, EMC to VG 95373, shock and vibration resistance up to 25g, EN 50155, MIL-STD-167, IEC 61587 DL 3, MIL-STD-810C, MIL-STD-901D


  • 19″ chassis for non-standard components and horizontal board constructions
  • Aluminum version for appealing aesthetics or sheet metal for most economic design
  • Designed to IEC 60297-3/-100/-101/-105
  • IP 20 to IEC 60529, EMC to VG 95373


  • 19″ chassis or desk-top case for standard or non-standard board formats
  • Designed to IEC 60297-3-101
  • IP 20 to IEC 60529

To provide flexibility in defining the desired subrack, nVent has provided an online configurator that will generate a 3D model of the subrack as well as a bill of materials.

19″ Table-Top and Tower Cases

SCHROFF instrument and system cases provide fully functional, stylish enclosures. Compatible with a vast range of accessories, cases can be configured to meet most applications requirements using standard catalog components. Whether it is a CompactPCI, VME, or proprietary application, the SCHROFF case family has an off-the-shelf solution in portable, desk-mount or rack-mount configurations to meet your requirements.

  • Portable, desk-top and 19″ cases in different designs to complement your product‘s esthetics
  • Multiple modification and customization options
  • Platform-based solutions for multiple markets
  • Very low weight (aluminum) suitable for mobile applications
  • Accepting PCBs conforming to IEEE 1101.x and IEEE 60297.x or non-standard applications


  • Desktop, tower or rack mount solutions with flexible height, width and depth dimensions
  • Designed to IEC 60297-3/-100/-102 and IEEE 1101.x, CompactPCI and VME64x compatible
  • IP 20 to IEC 60529, EMC to IEC 61587-3
  • Esthetic design with symmetrical construction and no visible screws
  • Integrated fan cooling options available
  • Advanced cooling options for RatiopacPRO AIR


  • Desktop case with robust die-cast frame
  • Designed to IEC 60297-3/-100/-101
  • IP 20 to IEC 60529, EMC to IEC 61587-3


  • Desktop case with robust die-cast frame
  • Designed to IEC 60297-3/-101
  • IP 20 to IEC 60529
  • Lightweight, non-EMC-shielded alternative to PropacPRO


  • Desktop case with robust die-cast frame; designed to accept subracks
  • Designed to IEC 60297-3/-101
  • IP 20 to IEC 60529
  • Steel or lightweight aluminum versions available for mobile applications
Small form Factor Cases

The Interscale M platform is the latest addition to the SCHROFF case portfolio. They are extremely flexible and offer different mounting and installation options. The interior is easily accessible, for quick and easy installation of printed circuit boards. A variety of cooling options and excellent EMC protection round out the program.


  • Available in standard, modified or custom designs
  • Desktop, wall mounted, or rack mounted solutions
  • Quick and easy assembly / disassembly with only two screws
  • Removable front and back panel
  • Integrated EMC protection
  • 21 standard sizes from stock; other sizes available on request
  • Full suite of accessories for a complete enclosure solution


  • Extruded aluminum enclosure
  • Desktop, wall mounted, or DIN rail
  • Available in rectangular or other shapes
  • Modification options include color, printing and cut-outs
  • IP 40

INTERSCALE M Accessories

  • Mounting plate for simple integration of PCB in the case
  • Flexible rail system for assembly of PCBs when prototyping
  • Fan adapter kit
  • Mounting plate with integrated fan adapter kit
  • Rubber feet, stacking aids, or wall mounting brackets, and 19″ rack mounts available
  • Assembly kit for opening the case and unbolting the screws

nVent offers standard VITA- and PICMG-compliant backplane families such as CompactPCI, CompactPCI Serial, VME and VPX. SCHROFF backplanes feature excellent signal integrity and are designed for the highest data transfer rates specified e.g. CompactPCI Serial backplanes support PCIe Gen 3, and VPX backplanes support Rapid I/O up to 6.25 Gbaud. All our backplanes can be supplied with a protective (conformal) coating on request. nVent offers customized solutions based on our off-the-shelf backplane range of products.

  • ATCA & MicroTCA 40Gb/s backplanes in multiple topologies with lower layer counts than earlier versions
  • New CompactPCI Serial and Legacy 32 and 64-bit CompactPCI backplanes as well as combination CPCI Serial + CPCI available in multiple slots counts for 3U & 6U board sized
  • PSB & H.110 backplanes for communication applications available
  • CompactPCI bridges und CompactPCI secondary backplanes available for increasing the slot count beyond 8 slots
  • PXI backplane family with bridges for test and measurement applications
  • Full range of VME & VME64X backplanes in multiple slots counts and versions for 3U and 6U boards
  • VPX & VXS backplanes for applications according to the latest VITA specifications 
  • Universal and power backplanes for several applications
Power Supply Units
  • Full range of products for high-efficiency power solutions
  • 19″ pluggable PSU’s with 1 to 3 outputs for convection cooling up to 180W (AC/DC) or 100W (DC/DC)
  • 2 switched-mode PSU families: The Maxpower family together with the Slimpower with wide range AC input, the Coolpower PSU family with wide range DC input
  • Linear regulators product family with low interference for sensitive measurement systems and medical applications
  • Pluggable and open frame PSU’s for CompactPCI Serial, VME/VME64x and MicroTCA systems
Test Adaptors
  • SCHROFF test adapters enable the testing of active boards while installed in a running system
  • Extender boards include fields for measuring current, voltage, or both, as well as measurement of single signals
  • Wide range of standard adapters including multiple connector types in 3U, 6U and 9U heights
  • All test adapters include rugged board guides to firmly hold boards in place during testing

Front Panels
  • For fitting in subracks, cases and systems
  • Extensive standard range with various finishes and materials (aluminium or stainless steel)
  • EMC shielding retrofittable
  • Conform to standards e.g. CompactPCI, AdvancedTCA, VME, AdvancedMC™, VME64x, PMC, VXS and VPX systems
  • Modifications include custom cut-outs, handle option, EMC gaskets, silk screening, hot-swap microswitch installation assembly and kitting
  • Front Panel Express: Fast delivery service of customized versions (in as few as 2 days)

To provide flexibility in defining the desired front panel, nVent has provided an online configurator that will generate a 3D model of the front panel as well as a bill of materials.

Plug-In Units
  • Front panel kits which include the front panel, handle and all hardware required to fix the front panel to the subrack
  • Designed to IEC 60297-3/-101/-102/-103, IEC 1296 and IEEE1101.1/x, VITA 29 (IEEE P1386), VITA 57.1
  • Handles are designed for various applications, and feature up to 1500N of insertion/extraction force
  • Models available with IEL/IET handles for CompacPCI and VME64x applications
  • For the protection of one or more printed circuit boards from mechanical and electromagnetic influences (EMC)
  • Designed to IEC 60297-3-101 / IEEE 1101.1/11
  • Ideal for second level maintenance
Board Retention

SCHROFF Calmark and Birtcher retainers are designed to secure the printed circuit board within an enclosure.

nVent offers a wide variety of Calmark and Birtcher PCB retainers, from general electronics applications in a basic sheet metal enclosure to rugged, high shock and vibration applications in a conduction cooled enclosure.


  • Designed for cold wall applications
  • For rugged, heavy shock and vibration environments
  • High clamping force and heat dissipation
  • Screw or lever actuated
  • Torque-limiting models available for second level maintenance
  • Many options to modify/customize based on your application requirements

Wedge Tainer

  • For use in cold wall or sheet metal applications
  • Useful where the retainer cannot be mounted to the PCB, or where a machined cold wall slot is not available, or not desired to reduce costs
  • For rugged, heavy shock and vibration environments
  • High clamping force and heat dissipation

Lok Tainers

  • Cold wall and sheet metal (non-cold wall) designs
  • For moderate shock and vibration environments
  • Feature a cam and lobe design for PCB retention
  • Available with screw or lever actuation

PCB Tainers

  • Designed for sheet metal (non-cold wall) applications
  • For lower shock and vibration environments
  • Feature spring action PCB retention
  • Typically screw or rivet mounted to a sheet metal chassis

Nylon Card Guides

  • Designed for sheet metal (non-cold wall) applications
  • For low shock and vibration environments
  • Economical option for board retention
  • Feature zero-entry force, extra deep guide, wide lead-in, and snap in design for simple installation and use
  • Narrow profile for excellent airflow

Inserters and Extractors

  • Many designs to choose from
  • Options for both sheet metal and cold wall applications
  • Constructed of nylon or 6061-T6 aluminum alloy
  • Up to 8:1 mechanical advantage
  • Customized labeling and various surface finishes available
Power Management and Monitoring

With nVent you find the power distribution solution to match your requirements — with compact modular construction and many functional elements. In addition to country-specific plugs and inserts, we offer additional IP addressable power strips for decentralized systems and emergency management as well as energy management and capacity planning. Choose from a variety of in-stock models available for immediate shipment, or customize your PDU for your requirements. We can even integrate products into your cabinets and test them for you before shipping.

Power Distribution Units

  • Basic PDUs, optionally with switch or circuit protection functionality
  • Intelligent PDUs with switching function for individual outlets and remote metering and monitoring on cabinets, phases and outlet-level
Cabinet Cooling


  • To cool single components and assemblies in 19″ cabinets
  • High airflow rate for directed heat removal
  • With axial or radial fans
  • UL & CE approvals


  • To increase the cooling capacity per rack in data centers or to provide cooling redundancy
  • Most energy efficient devices with cooling capacity up to 40KW per rack
  • Passive rear door heat exchanger
  • Rack integrated active heat exchanger
  • In-row heat exchanger