Alfa Test is the SMH Technologies distributor for Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia and Bosnia for all range of In System Universal Programmers from the FlashRunner family.

SMH Technologies is a global, independent, high-tech company, leader in Silicon Device In-System Programming and related services for the electronic boards manufacturing industry.

FlashRunner is a universal, production In-System Programmer. It is the result of many years of experience in developing programming and debugging solutions for microcontrollers. FlashRunner has been carefully designed to be:

  • Universal – Supports multiple device manufacturers
  • Fast – Reduced programming time means reduced production costs
  • Flexible – Can be applied to any programming configuration
  • Reliable – Features ensuring data integrity and uninterrupted production flow

With SMH programmers we are able to flash more than 15 000 devices and develop flash algos on customer request.


FlashRunner LAN 2.0 NXG hardware capability allows the user to choose the configuration from 1 to 4 independent and parallel channels, according to the production project. Special features allow the programmer to share its channels in order to program big-size memories, such as eMMC, parallel NOR and NAND memories, by employing the required programming ISP lines.

Main features:

  • 1 to 4 parallel and independent programming channels 
  • Easy fixture integration thanks to the compact size; 
  • Supports most ISP protocols (JTAG, SPI, I2C, BDM, UART…); 
  • Two programmable output voltage lines; 
  • Fixture dedicated Control interface for standalone mode (optoisolated); 
  • Power voltage and current measurement for each channel; 
  • Integrated control for optional Relay Barrier tool; 
  • eMMC and NAND memory support; 
  • Fast Ethernet interface up to 1 Gbit/s (optoisolated, autocrossing feature); 
  • USB communication interface (optoisolated).
FR 2.0

FlashRunner 2.0 is the most innovative In-System parallel programmer in the market. With unique flexibility this new FlashRunner is specifically designed to program multi-PCB panels and highly structured boards with several programmable devices providing up to 16 independent channels. The user friendly new FR2.0 WorkBench GUI allows to configure the system in few clicks, ensuring rapid time-to-production.

Main features:

  • 4, 8, 12 or 16 parallel and independent programming channels;
  • Supports most ISP protocols (BDM, JTAG, SPI, I2C, MON, ICC, SCI, UART,….);
  • Compact design for easy ATE integration;
  • Programming voltage / current measure and trimming for each channel;
  • Up to 30 Mhz communication frequency;
  • Power voltage and current measurement for each channel;
  • Ethernet LAN / USB host interface, optoisolated;
  • Standalone mode via control interface connector;
  • Relay barrier control interface.

In order to have the most robust programming solution which can answers the main needs of production environments, Flash Runner offer a set of tools and accessories.


FlashRunner High-Speed combines very high programming performances and high modularity to obtain a distributed programming solution that perfectly fits the needs of Pre-Programming and In-System Programming. This new member of the FlashRunner family is specifically designed to place the programmer header in the near proximity of the programmable devices without being affected by long distance and signal transmission decay.

The programming system is composed by a HS Control Unit board plus related ISP Active

Modules up to 8 channels. FlashRunner HS hardware capability satisfies all application fields, thanks to its ISP Active Modules that can be employed for the programming of following devices:

  • eMMC
  • NAND
  • General Purpose (Microcontrollers, Serial Memories,CPLD)

Main features:

  • LAN Communication Interface;
  • Digitally Optoisolated USB-UART communication interface;
  • Digitally Optoisolated ATE parallel interface for stand-alone operations;
  • Very small form factor to be placed in near proximity with the device to be programmed;
  • Supports most ISP/PP protocols (eMMC, parallel-NAND, BDM, JTAG, QSPI, I2C, UART, MON, ICC, SCI and many others);
  • Communication frequency towards device up to 50MHz;
  • Power conversion section to supply the board and to provide programmable voltages to the output;
  • External relay power line and command line;
  • Output power lines voltage and current continuous monitoring;
  • Up to 32 channels in parallel for General Purpose devices, 16 channels in parallel for eMMC devices and 8 channels in parallel for NAND devices.

FlashRunner I series is a range of high-performance, standalone In-System Programmers specific for Flash-based microcontrollers and serial memories. FlashRunner I series is targeted at production environments and can work either in full standalone mode or controlled by a host system.

Main features :

  • Fastest programming algorithms (as fast as target device’s memory technology limit), approved by silicon manufacturers;
  • Easy ATE integration;
  • Standalone operations (projects and code images stored on a memory card);
  • Also controllable by any host system via RS-232 or Ethernet (depending on the model);
  • Supports most ISP protocols (BDM, JTAG, SPI, I2C, MON, ICC, SCI, etc.);
  • Flexible, fully configurable;
  • Data integrity guaranteed (every data transfer to/from the host system or Secure Digital card is CRC tagged).

All of the models of the FlashRunner I series have been designed for maximum performance and reliability.


FlashRunner II series similar with FlashRunner I, but Silicon Manufacturer specific.

  • FR02ATM0 Supports Atmel devices 
  • FR02CYP0 Supports Cypress devices 
  • FR02ELM0 Supports ELMOS devices
  • FR02FJT0 Supports Fujitsu devices 
  • FR02FSL0 Supports Freescale devices 
  • FR02INF0 Supports Infineon devices
  • FR02MCP0 Supports Microchip devices 
  • FR02MEM0 Supports serial memories 
  • FR02NXP0 Supports NXP devices 
  • FR02REN0 Supports Renesas devices 
  • FR02SLL0 Supports Silicon Labs devices 
  • FR02STM0 Supports STMicroelectronics devices
  • FR02TXI0 Supports Texas Instruments devices

FlashRunner III series is a range of cost-efficient high-performance, standalone In-System Programmers specific for Flash-based microcontrollers and serial memories. FlashRunner III series include all the programming algorithms for a selected silicon producer (RS232).

  • FR03ATM0 Supports Atmel devices
  • FR03CYP0 Supports Cypress devices
  • FR03ELM0 Supports ELMOS devices
  • FR03FJT0 Supports Fujitsu devices
  • FR03FSL0 Supports Freescale devices
  • FR03INF0 Supports Infineon devices
  • FR03MCP0 Supports Microchip devices
  • FR03MEM0 Supports serial memories
  • FR03NXP0 Supports NXP devices
  • FR03REN0 Supports Renesas devices
  • FR03SLL0 Supports Silicon Labs devices
  • FR03STM0 Supports STMicroelectronics devices
  • FR03TXI0 Supports Texas Instruments devices

FlashRunner Cube is a high-integration in-system gang programmer, based on the FlashRunner technology. FlashRunner Cube is designed for programming multi-PCB panel assemblies. This means:

  • Extremely fast programming (it is one of the fastest in-system programming system on the market);
  • Standalone operations (projects and code images stored on memory cards);
  • Compact and robust design for production environments.
  • Ethernet LAN / RS232 / USB host interface, optoisolated

FlashRunner Cube is available in three different models, to best suit different gang programming needs:

  • FRC_GP_02 – 2 ISP channels system
  • FRC_GP_04 – 4 ISP channels system
  • FRC_GP_08 – 8 ISP channels system

Rent equipment

Renting test and automation equipment is an alternative most don’t consider when they have an immediate or short-term requirement for a certain test or automation application. Short term, immediate requirements for test equipment come up often; instances of equipment failure, project overload, unique testing and many other circumstances make renting test and automation equipment a desired service.