Alfa Test the is the authorized partner of Teradyne (Teradyne Support Network Member) and is offering hardware support for the In Circuit Test Equipment in Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovenia, and Serbia with over 130 installed Teradyne test systems. We are also responsible directly for Teradyne sales in Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia.

Alfa Test is accumulating now over 15 years of experience in supporting the Teradyne systems. In addition, we are developing test programs and fixtures, offering our customers complete and high-quality support.

Teradyne is the market leader for In Circuit Test systems for over 40 years, including GenRad inheritance.

The TestStation system family is easily configured to any volume, test complexity and automation requirement for today’s electronic manufacturing, with system form-factors optimized for panelized, single piece and large PCBA test. Each system can support common pin cards, test software, power supplies, and feature options.


TSO – The TestStation Multi-Site Offline supports two sites operating in tandem, allowing the tester to provide 100% concurrent testing of two board copies, without any shared common resource, yielding 2X the units per hour of a single test system. One test program is written, then shared by both test sites automatically.


TSA – The TestStation Multi-Site Offline Asynchronous supports two test sites operating independently from each other; potentially operating entirely different programs and PCBA’s under test.

Designed for high mix/low volume lines, the TestStation Multi-Site Offline Asynchronous naturally fits into work cells with rapid change over. A clever dual fixture strategy allows Site A to operate while Site B is changed over to a new application.


TSLH – The TestStation LH is a general-purpose member of Teradyne’s in-circuit product family, capable of supporting all TestStation options without limitation.


TSLHS – The TestStation LHS is designed for manual or robotic arm applications where multiple systems are serviced by single robot.


TSLX – TestStation LX The TestStation LX is one of two high-pincount solutions for complex server and router applications up to 7,680 testpoints. The system extra large frame and lifter assembly support test fixtures up to 150Kg.


TSLX2 – TestStation LX2 is the industry’s most capable pincount production test system. Within the same footprint as the TestStation LX, the TestStation LX2 can support up to 15,360 testpoints, transfer programs and fixtures from the LX, and is designed to support test fixtures up to 350Kg.

The TestStation LX2 is ideal for tests of complex, multi-core routers and servers having integrated boundary can, built-in self-test or powered up functional pre-screen requirements.


The inline test systems are designed for Surface Mount Line for the highest productivity.

TSH and TSHL – TestStation Multi-Site Inline test systems supports all the standard and optional features of the TestStation Family. The TestStation Multi-Site Inline systems provide straightforward integration into inline automation and material-handling systems.

TSHL can accommodate existing TSH test fixtures

TestStation Multi-Site Inline ModelTSH
Test SiteSingle / Dual
Max. Pin Board Slot10 (5 / site)
Max. Test Points TSI 51 Insert (Single)2,560
Max. Test Points TSI 52 Insert (Dual)5,120
Max. Test Points TSI 161 Insert (Single)N/A
Max. Press Pressure Force15kN
Max. UUT Dimension (mm)450 x 350

The TestStation Handler Large Format automated test system utilizes a stronger version of handler mechanics vs our standard TestStation Handler. The Large Format model supports a 530 x 508mm working area, up to 11 stackable user power supplies, and can accept both the TestStation Insert Model 52 and Model 161.

TestStation Multi-Site Inline ModelTSHL
Test SiteSingle / Dual
Max. Pin Board Slot16 or 10 (5 / site)
Max. Test Points TSI 51 Insert (Single)2,560
Max. Test Points TSI 52 Insert (Dual)5,120
Max. Test Points TSI 161 Insert (Single)6,400
Max. Press Pressure Force18kN
Max. UUT Dimension (mm)508 x 530
Nano Test Automation

Latest product! Nano Test Automation revolutionizes testing in diverse industries by providing an accessible, affordable, reliable, and versatile mid-tier testing system. By bridging the chasm that exists between high-end solutions and underserved production lines, we aim to propel business of all size towards success.

Through streamlined process and brand-new features, Nano fosters high-quality production and innovation. Explore the new user interface and nested fixture kit features to learn about the solutions we engineer with you in mind.

Nano 101e

  • Up to 2,560 test points
  • 10 Pin board slot
  • Full advanced test capability
  • Max UUT size 425mm x 425mm
  • 4 Slot programable power supply

Nano 51e

  • 1,280 Max. Pincount​
  • Max 5 Pin Boards
  • Full advanced test capability
  • Max UUT size 425mm x 425mm
  • Max programable power supply 4
  • System dimension 900mm x 1780mm x 1130mm (WxHxD)
In Circuit Testers Inserts

Tester Inserts are designed for 3rd party automation integrator

TSI 51, TSI 52 and TSI161 – TestStation Multi-Site systems are configurable hardware components for automated testing cells.

These multi-site systems have a small footprint and are specifically engineered to meet the high throughput and yield requirements of high volume manufacturers. 

Tester Insert ModelTSI 51TSI 52TSI 161
Test SiteSingleDualSingle
Max. Pin Board Slot510 (5 / site)16
Max. Test Points25605,120 (2560/site)6400

The Internet of Things (IoT), is the core of the “Smart Factory”, interconnecting computing sensing, and control devices embedded in systems enabling them to send and receive data. Smart Factories require IoT to collect and move data in real time for automated process control. Teradyne’s Smart4Metrics integrates TestStation in-circuit tester status & health data with your existing data collection systems.

Capturing and analyzing PCBA product test data in real time means factories can monitor the status of the overall assembly process on a real time basis. Smart4Metrics enables you to measure and transmit test system environmental data, including internal system temperature, power supply temperature, DC power supply voltages, number of test fixtures actuations, air pressure, vacuum pressure, fan speed (RPM) and AC power consumption while system is idle or operating.


Rent equipment

Renting test and automation equipment is an alternative most don’t consider when they have an immediate or short-term requirement for a certain test or automation application. Short term, immediate requirements for test equipment come up often; instances of equipment failure, project overload, unique testing and many other circumstances make renting test and automation equipment a desired service.