Alfa Test is the regional partner for Systech Europe in Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, North Macedonia and Bosnia for the Takaya Flying Probe Test Equipment.

In 1987 the Japanese company TAKAYA has developed the world’s first Flying Probe Test Equipment the APT2200. Since then, over 2500 systems have been build and sold worldwide. Over time, the speed, accuracy, flexibility and the capabilities have been continuously improved, the systems evolved and today TAKAYA continue to be the leading company in Flying Probe Technology, concentrating its research and development resources into launching new products to satisfy the continuously changing technological requirements and customer’s needs.
Systech Europe, is the TAKAYA’s European partner responsible for the Flying Probes Test equipment sales and support.


The TAKAYA APT-1400F single side is the fastest flying probe test system in the world and sets new standards in speed and test coverage for the competition. The system has been specially developed for the test of complex circuit boards and large quantities. The APT-1400F has 6 flying probes, of which 2 are vertical probes that enable accesses to contact points that could not previously be reached.

The APT-1400F is available in off-line or in-line (SMEMA based) configuration.


The TAKAYA APT-1600FD is the latest Flying Probe System from TAKAYA. It uses ten flying probes to inspect the PCB’s simultaneously from the top and bottom, has a laser height measurement system, uses cameras and LED sensors for optical inspections on both sides, and can considerably speed up the tests. The further improved test speed and the greater test coverage significantly expand the application possibilities of the flying probe test.

The TAKAYA APT-1600FD is available in off-line or in-line (SMEMA based) configuration.

Merlin pro

Merlin pro is the software solution for effective data editing and simple test generation for TAKAYA flying probe testers in the APT series for electronics production.

An intuitive user interface, use of the latest plug-in technologies as well as an extensive package of tools or graphical and analytic support ensure that comprehensive test programs can be generated quickly for your TAKAYA flying probe system Merlin pro is made by test engineers for test engineers and supports more than 40 different CAD Systems.


Rent equipment

Renting test and automation equipment is an alternative most don’t consider when they have an immediate or short-term requirement for a certain test or automation application. Short term, immediate requirements for test equipment come up often; instances of equipment failure, project overload, unique testing and many other circumstances make renting test and automation equipment a desired service.