UR30 – Heavy payload, compact cobot

The Universal Robots , UR30, is a powerful and compact cobot with a reach of 1300 mm and a payload of 30 kg. Ideal for efficient lifting, palletising and demanding screwdriving and drilling work.

  • The UR30 excels at lifting heavy payloads while maintaining a compact footprint in collaborative environments. Boasting a 30 kg lifting capacity and a 1300 mm reach, this robot is well-suited for tasks such as tending larger machines, palletizing heavy products, and providing effective support for high torque screw driving.
  • Compact Performance Derived from the same architecture as the UR20, the UR30 combines exceptional lifting capabilities with a compact design and advanced motion control for precise positioning of sizable payloads. Its increased torque-handling capacity opens new possibilities for accurate screw driving, and the 30 kg payload enhances productivity across applications, from managing multiple grippers in machine tending to palletizing hefty components.
  • Applications of UR30 The UR30 finds versatile applications across various tasks:
  • Palletizing, Machine tending, Dispensing, Finishing, Material handling, Material removal, Quality Inspection, Spot Welding, others.
  • Safety Priority With heightened payload capacity, improved speed, and extended reach, operator safety remains our paramount concern. In the pursuit of creating a collaborative robot, our engineers dedicated extensive hours to developing robust safety features. Their efforts resulted in setting benchmarks for safety in collaborative industrial robotics today.
  • Crafted for enhancing your workflow
  • While our objective is to democratize automation, making it accessible to everyone, everywhere, we also strive to assist you on your path to transforming your business through the facilitation of secure and collaborative human-robot interaction.

Alfa Test is the regional partner for Universal Robots in Romania and Bulgaria for collaborative robots.

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