AlfaTest had a significant appearance on MachTech & InnoTech 2022 in InterExpo Center Sofia in September.

This international event gathered companies from Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Austria, Turkey, Italy, Germany, China grouped in two areas:

  • MachTech – exhibitors presented metal cutting and processing machines, welding technologies, machine design and heat treatment machines, laser technologies, hydraulics and pneumatics for industry.
  • InnoTech – focused on software and industrial networks, 3D technologies, automation systems, electronics, robotics, and design.

Among the more than 200 brands represented by exhibitors, solutions presented by AlfaTest in live caused many visitors to stop by. Joint appearance with Spesima, who presented welding process based on big industrial robots had an attractive booth because all presented robots were in action.

An autonomous mobile robot MiR250 equipped with shelf carrier run its missions all around the booth presenting to visitors the automated intralogistics concept and safe movements of payloads up to 1350kg in zones where people are present or other stuff can be found on the robot’s way.

On the other side, Universal Robots UR5 was in collaborative mode showing possibilities to perform extremely precisely repetitive tasks which can be performed as stand-alone action or in tandem with the operator.

Add-ons such as ROEQ for MiR or Robotiq and OnRobot suitable for specific UR robots applications caused significant attention, too.

AlfaTest Team (Milan, Daniel and Marko) hosted visitors, trying to give the right explanation for the equipment presented and to comment all the questions and challenges.