Alfa Test is the regional partner for Mobile Industrial Robots in Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Ukraine, North Macedonia for the AMR robots. As Excellent Partner in MIR network, we are the central point in the region for resellers, integrators and global end-users.

Mobile Industrial Robots is a leading manufacturer of AMR robots for automation of internal logistic transports. 

Mobile Industrial Robots was officially founded in Odense, Denmark in May 2013 with the idea of optimizing logistics in the global industry.

Today, MIR is part of Teradyne’s Industrial Automation group, has seven offices around the world and more than 220 employees and 167 distributors in 48 countries.


The MiR250 sets new standards for internal logistics with a robot that is faster, safer and more agile than any other solution in the same category on the market. The innovative MiR250 is packed with the newest technology, designed for serviceability and it can navigate smoothly and efficiently in dynamic environments – and even drive through doors as narrow as 80 cm.


MiR600 is designed to automate the transportation of heavy loads and pallets across industries. With the MiR EU Pallet Lift 600 or the MiR Pallet Lift 600, the MiR600 picks up, transports and delivers pallets autonomously, freeing up employees for more valuable tasks. MiR600 is compliant with ISO/EN 13849 and fulfills the EMC requirement for industrial use. The rugged MiR600 is designed for industry use with robust exterior that can withstand dropped cargo and can easily navigate up and down ramps and even through shallow water puddles.


MiR1350 automates and optimizes the internal transportation of heavy duties and pallets. With a payload of 1350 kg, this is MiR’s most powerful robot, and even in highly dynamic environments it can transport heavy loads without any exterior safety measures. MiR1350 can be deployed with pallet lifts from MiR and can pick up, transport and deliver pallets automatically. This means that the collaborative robot is a safe alternative to traditional forklifts and trucks, which many companies would like to remove from manufacturing halls, because they often cause a safety risk. At the same time, unlike more conventional pallet lifts, MiR1350 does not need to be manned, so it optimizes the transportation of pallets and frees up employees for more valuable tasks.

MiR1200 Pallet Jack

Rent equipment

Renting test and automation equipment is an alternative most don’t consider when they have an immediate or short-term requirement for a certain test or automation application. Short term, immediate requirements for test equipment come up often; instances of equipment failure, project overload, unique testing and many other circumstances make renting test and automation equipment a desired service.