Alfa Test has the automation focus in the field of flexible automation. As a Mir Excellent Partner and UR main distributor in the area we cover all the main services related to these 2 brands and the accessories: sales, consultancy, support and training.

Below you have our competences that support customers for a successful integration of automation projects.

System integrator network development

Alfa Test has an on-going strategy to build and extend a network of system integrators that work closely to us for implementation of turn-key automation solutions to the end customers using as main tool Universal Robots.

System integrator support 

We are able to support the system integrators with our internal core competences. We recommend to the end user the UR system integrators based on application specifications, regional location and their internal capabilities.

Certified training center

Alfa Test has the only certified training center for Universal Robots in the region. Our certified specialists are able to sustain trainings, services, applications and project management consultancy to the system integrators in order to achieve the final goal: satisfied end customer.

MIR (mobile industrial robots) turn-key automation solutions

For MIR projects  we coordinate and deliver the turn key automation solutions directly to end customer by implementing fleets of MiR robots on factory levels.